This week’s Parish Bulletin



Masses with a limit of 10 people are now permitted in South Australian Churches.  

Mass timings at Our Lady of the Rosary and St Laurence’s Church:

Monday – Saturday   12 noon 

Churches will also be open for private prayer for up to 10 people at a time:

Our Lady of the Rosary Church:     Mon- Fri      8:30 am – 4pm, Sat -Sun        9:30 am – 4pm

St Laurence’s Church:     Mon – Fri     8:30 am – 7pm,  Sat- Sun      9:30 am – 7pm                                                                 

Baptisms can take place with a limit of 10 people present.  If you had a wedding planned or wanted more details about baptisms or funerals, please contact the Parish office.  

Our Parish Priest, Fr Paul Rankin OP, can be reached via email: or mobile: 0406 040 913.